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Cân điện tử xe tải xách tay H-CZ-X06 Maxload

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Static comprehensive error (%F.S) : 0.1~0.5

Division(kg): 10

Rated load: 20 ton

Dynamic comprehensive error (%F.S): N/A Rated load output (mV/V): 1.0± 0.1 & 1.5±0.1

Non-linearity (%F.S): 0.2

Error on corners (%F.S): 0.2

Repeatariy (%F.S): 0.005

Zero balance (%F.S): £ ± 1

Excitation voltage (VDC): 9~15

Recommended voltage (V): 10

Insulation resistance (M Ohm): >5000 (100VDC)

Compensated temp.range(°C): 0 ~ +50

Use temp.range(°C): -30 ~ +80

Temp effect on zero (F.S/10): 0.03

Temp effect on span (F.S/10): 0.05

Safe overload(%): 120

Ultimate overload(%): 150

Power: 4 AAA Batteries, easily replaceable.

Material: High strength aluminum alloy (weighing platform).

High strength stainless Steel (Load cells)

Netweight(kg): 24

Defend grade: IP66


Display: 5 large digit LCD

Screen Size: 1”

Buttons: 2 buttons, ON/OFF, CLEAR ZERO

Indications: Low Battery, Overload, Error

Units: Can be calibrated in kgs


It is used in static status, each weigh pad is one entire weighing system

1- Please place weigh pad smoothly on the ground, then press ON/OFF key, LCD displays “0” Kg, it indicates the weigh pad is into weighing status.

2- LCD displays weight of each wheel when vehicle run into weigh pad, please note test data.

3- LCD returns zero automatically after vehicle leaves weigh pad, if there is still some data in LCD, please press CLEAR ZERO key to clear it.

4- During no loading, LCD will be off after 10 minutes, also you can shut down manually.

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